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Career | Busia Sugar Industry

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Busibwabo, Busia County, Kenya

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"A Sweet Place To Work"

Upholding Our Values. Empowering Our People. It's More Than Just Sugar!

Employment Policy

Busia Sugar Industry ltd is an equal opportunity employer. It treats its employees and all qualified aspirants seeking employment with the company equally, regardless of their race and birth. The employee policies and practices of the company, considers merit alone as the only factor of discretion and ensures equal opportunity to those eligible.

A Good Paymaster:

Busia Sugar Industry ltd is also known among its employees as a good paymaster for its generous compensation package to all its employees. It also provides various employee benefits at par with the best of industry standards.

Employee development:
The organization nurtures the interest of its employees by assuring them of continual growth prospects within its various growth structures. It strongly believes in a long-standing relationship with its employees based on a sense of commitment, quality and work culture which results in the collective progress of both the employee and the organization.

Respect for people:
The organizational culture of the company is centered on creating an amicable work environment based on mutual respect and friendly behavior free from favor or bias. The company does not allow any form of intolerance, harassment or discrimination.

The organization believes that employees must have a balanced professional and personal life. While it respects personal space and time the organization also expects from its employees a firm commitment to their roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Busia Sugar Industry ltd maintains cordial and friendly Industrial Relations with employees and the Unions. The HR department of the company plays a vital role in crafting and implementing people oriented industrial practices across the organization for establishing a healthier value based relationship between employees and the organization.

Busia Sugar Industry ltd provides its employees clean, safe and healthy environment inside & outside the operational areas of its businesses. To ensure this the company has delineated strict norms on industrial safety. The operational space of our entire infrastructure have been intuitively designed and maintained for smooth and safe conduct of business affairs.


The company is particular about the regulations concerning the preservation of environment in the areas where it has constituted its production facilities. Busia Sugar Industry ltd is committed to prevent any excess or negligent use of natural resources. It also strives to minimize hazardous secretions in production and disposal of waste/production excesses that can harm the environment.
Busia Sugar Industry ltd acts in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations of the state. In addition to that it has pro actively assumed the role of a socially responsible business by extending its assistance to people in its surrounding regions.


The social welfare and development initiatives of the company are aimed at supporting those in dire need and in turn provide them the required assistance to enhance their quality of life, both economically and socially. In the same way the company has been contributing extensively in the fields of community health, family welfare, water management, vocational training, education and literacy, development of rural roads and in the application of modern scientific and managerial techniques for nurturing agriculture and uplifting the farming community.